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Partner Advanced Communications System (ACS) is the communication system chosen by over one million small businesses. It has the business features and capabilites that are provided by much larger more expensive telephone system.
Partner ACS's ease of use, installation and programming are some of the reasons it is trusted worldwide. Partner ACS grows as your business grows, it has the ability to easily add new applications as you need them. This system does not need to be replaced as you add phone, voice mail ports or software upgrade.
Partner ACS telephones are versatile, they can be used on desks or wall mounted for flexabilty and convience. Available in 3 colors, black, gray or white, Partner ACS phones blend well with any office decor.
Partner ACS Telephone
Partner ACS phones all come with the following standard built in features:
Dual LED indicators
2-way speaker phone
Hands free on Intercom
Hold feature
Transfer feature
Up to 5 party conference
Message waiting light
Partner ACS
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